About Us

   President Asset Group, LLC is an asset management firm founded by Tone Yee Investments & Developments (the "Company") to exclusively manage all the real estate assets and developments of the Company in the United States.

·  President Asset Group provides complete asset and portfolio management services to the Company and its related entities. These services include acquisition, due diligence and feasibility studies, market research, value-added strategies, financing, property management and leasing, disposition, and other related capabilities.

 ·  Established in 1990, the Company has built a solid reputation as a strong investor in the Southern California real estate market. The Company’s well diversified investment portfolio consists of all types of residential and commercial real estate properties; including land, land entitlement and development projects, new home construction projects, multi-family apartment complexes, office & industrial buildings, shopping centers and mobile home parks.

The Company (since inception) has invested and completed in over 24 new home development projects totaling about 1,330 homes, with a combined project value of over $300 Million. In addition, the Company currently has 10 on-going projects (totaling about 830 homes), which are presently in various stages of entitlement and development. The Company invests as land developer/owner, as joint venture partner with home builders, or as A&D lender to builders. The Company will continue investing aggressively in residential land entitlement & housing development projects in in-fill areas of Southern California.

Since 1994, the Company began acquiring and developing a well-diversified portfolio of income properties. The portfolio consists of:

2,547 multi-family units in apartment complexes, senior housing projects, and mobile home park.

Over 150,000 square feet of office & industrial buildings; with 395,000 s.f. in escrow / to be developed.

Over 526,000 square feet of shopping center & retail properties.

The total project value of this income properties portfolio is well over $265 Million.

The Company continues looking to acquire & develop well located income producing properties

(Apartments, Senior Housings, Industrial, Commercial & Retail) in Southern California.

With the assistance of President Asset Group and $70 Million of immediate available fund to invest, the Company’s investment goal for the next 12 months calls for the acquisition and the development of over $280 Million of additional income properties and land development projects in strategic locations throughout Southern California and the Western United States.

The financial strength of the Company allows it to pursue investment opportunities in an efficient and timely manner, without the necessity of outside financing. A strong part of this financial strength is provided by its PARENT COMPANIES as identified below. These Taiwan entities have committed to the Company significant investment capital fund, which is readily available for investment in the U.S. market.


Founded in 1967, President Enterprises Corporation (a publicly traded company in Taiwan) is recognized as one of the most reputable and successful business enterprise for many consecutive years.

·  The President Group is one of the largest business conglomerate in Taiwan, with consolidated total assets exceed US$2.8 Billion. Combined gross operating revenue in year 2000 achieved US$6.8 Billion, with projected 2001 revenue to be US$8.2 Billion. It employs over 47,000 employees.

·  It ranked as the largest food & beverage manufacturer, and the top giant of the food industry in Taiwan.

·  Diversified businesses & subsidiaries include banking & finance, real estate & construction, land development & investments, life insurance, international trading, professional baseball team, entertainment & recreational, semiconductor, supermarkets, pharmaceutical & biotech, and many other businesses.

·  Operates more than 3,000 convenience & chain stores (as the sole master franchisee of 7-11 in Taiwan), mini-markets and bakery shops. The company also owns 95% of all the Starbuck Coffee outlets throughout Taiwan.

 ·  Manufacturer or exclusive distributor for Pepsi-Cola, Frito-Lay potato chips, and Budweiser in Taiwan.

·  Formed numerous joint venture partnerships with renowned companies in the U.S., Canada, Japan, China and throughout the Asian countries. The President Group intends to accelerate plans for continuing internationalization & diversification.


A publicly traded company and a leading real estate developer / builder in Taiwan.

·  Total assets exceeds US$600 Million, and net worth of over US$300 Million.


·  Construction projects include high rise buildings, town houses and single family homes. Developed over 100 high quality master-planned communities, comprised of over 20,000 household residential homes & apartments, commercial buildings, parks and schools.


·  Founded in 1954, Tainan Spinning Company Ltd. is a major textile manufacturer, and one of the most respectable companies in Taiwan.


·  Total assets about US$1 Billion, and stockholder equity of over $600 Million.

The Company, together with President Asset Group, is determined to continue its aggressive efforts in investing in the Southern California & the Western United States real estate arena. The goal is to firmly position itself as a long term and reputable investor in the residential and commercial investment markets. For further questions or information, please feel free to contact President Asset Group, LLC at (949)999-3368 any time.